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Mr. Jaw
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I was born many years ago in San Diego, California.  I was a funny looking baby with an oddly shaped head and fuzzy hair that stuck out every which way.  My parents had only two children— my sister and Mr. Jaw.  Eventually, I graduated from Grossmont High School in La Mesa, CA.  I went on to UC Berkeley and graduated with a B.A. in Applied Mathematics.

Music has always been a big part of my life.  When I was 5 years old, I started playing the piano and I was 10 years old when I started playing the trumpet.  At Berkeley, I started singing with a cappella groups around campus like DeCadence , the Cal Jazz Choir , the UC Men's Octet , and Artists in Resonance .  It was through my singing experience that I learned that I am a very loud and obnoxious person and that sometimes, people really like it!  Singing helped me become more confident in myself in front of audiences.

After graduating from school, my friends introduced me to a woman named Betty.  One day, our moms proposed and we've been going out ever since.  She is a kind person who works hard at what ever she does.  She studies at Hastings School of Law in San Francisco.  Betty studies for days at a time (even on weekends!), only taking breaks to carry out the necessities to sustain her own life.  If I'm lucky, I can sometimes coax her out of her deep study hole for a little fun.  Betty and I would like to have a house and a dog some day.  A few kids would be nice too.

My first job after college was working at two high schools under contract with the ACCESS program at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley.  I was a teaching assistant at El Cerrito High School and Kennedy High School .  I saw many students who gave up on themselves.  They were so discouraged by many aspects of the system.  There were also many teachers who had forgotten that students are still developing and need to be nurtured.  After working at this job for two years, I decided to become a part of the educational process, trying to inspire and support students in positive ways.  I went back to UC Berkeley and earned a California single-subject teaching credential in mathematics and an M.A. in Education.  Today, I work at Arroyo High School in San Lorenzo.

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